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Welcome to Popes Farms.
Longfold Farm, North Road, Bretherton, Leyland, Pr26 9ay
Grain and Feeds.

Popesfarms produce quality grains, livestock feeds and bedding.

Suppliers of Re-Cleaned wheat, Barley, oats and pulses for poultry, Game birds and pigeon.

Rolled grains for Horse and Pony, Sheep and Cattle.

Suppliers of Hay, Haylage, Straw, Sawdust and Shavings.
Contact Andrew for latest prices on 07808760174 or
Email info@popesfarms.co.uk
Horse Mix.
Mixed Corn.
Re-cleaned Wheat
Rolled Barley Oats
Sugar Beet
Tic Beans
Popes Farms Bretherton